Oversupply Issues

Oversupply can be as problematic as having low supply.  

Mothers can experience multiple breastfeeding complications, including breast and nipple pain, persistent plugged ducts, and recurrent mastitis. 

Infants have excessive weight gain, difficulty latching, fussiness at the breast, choking, coughing, or unlatching during feeds, refusal to latch, clamping down, short, frequent feedings, and gastrointestinal symptoms such as spitting up, gas, reflux, or explosive green stools.  

Problems related to oversupply usually happen around 4-5 weeks after delivery.  Mothers tell me frequently that they cannot find any helpful advice on how to manage their oversupply. They are in constant breast pain and tired. Before seeing me, these are the mothers who have had mastitis two or three times and are ready to quit breastfeeding. 

I have helped many mothers suffering from oversupply.  There are several methods known to help resolve oversupply such as block feeding or use of a breast pump.  The effect of these and other therapy regimens can vary between individuals and these are the situations that remain challenging. 

Please contact me if you think you are experiencing an oversupply.  The plan of care is individualized according to my assessment and evaluation of your responses to the interventions. The plan of care is adjusted until your supply is normal.  I enjoy helping mothers to get back to enjoying breastfeeding.