Proper Latching Technique

Breastfeeding is supposed to be normal, yet many mothers find it challenging.  Latching your baby to the breast should not be painful.  Pain means the latch is not deep enough.  Sore nipples are not normal.

Here are important steps for latching your baby:


1. Hold your breast so that your thumb is near your baby’s upper jaw and your fingers near his lower jaw. Your fingers need to be off your areola so there is enough room for your baby’s jaw to be placed away from your nipple. This is called the “Sandwich Hold” – holding your breast like you would hold a sandwich to eat.

2. Support your baby’s head with your thumb by one ear and your fingers by your baby’s other ear with the palm of your hand across your baby’s shoulders.

3. Tilt your baby’s head so his chin is off his chest and position him with his nose across from your nipple.

4. As your baby opens his mouth, place his lower jaw onto your areola first before tilting his head to place his upper jaw onto your breast.  This is called an “Asymmetrical Latch”.  A proper latch is off-centered from your nipple so usually you are able to see some of your areola by his upper lip.

5. Your nipple should remain round and not appear creased or flattened.

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