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Insurance Reimbursement FAQs
Are appointments covered by my insurance?
Carol Chamblin accepts Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPOs as an in-network provider.
Her license to practice in the state of Illinois as an Advanced Practice Nurse allows her coverage. Billings will be submitted for you. Baby & Mother photo

*Other Insurance plans are not accepted

*No Self-Pay accepted

Am I eligible to receive my electric breast pump covered by my insurance?

According to the Affordable Care Act, mothers with Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO plans may receive an electric breast pump covered by insurance from an in-network provider. You can get a Medela Advanced Personal Double Pump covered by insurance from Carol. Medela Symphony hospital-grade breast pumps may be submitted monthly for coverage. This is considered a loaner pump and must be returned when you are finished using it.
How do I know that my BCBS plan covers the breast pump?
It is up to you to contact BCBS and ask if procedure code E0603 for an electric breast pump is covered by your plan. This code applies to the Medela Advanced Personal Double Pump. Ask if procedure code E0604 for a hospital grade-electric breast pump is covered by your plan if you are interested in using a Medela Symphony breast pump.
How do I reserve a breast pump?
Pump availability is limited, therefore priority is given to current patients of Dr. Carol. Contact Dr. Carol when you are ready to reserve your pump. She will need your name, date of birth, address, phone number, subscriber’s name and birthdate, and policy ID. Fax a copy of your insurance card at 630-232-4713.
Do I need a prescription for my appointment or my pump?
No prescriptions are necessary.

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