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Mother Testimonials 6
"When Austin was about 10 days old his weight gain began to diminish and breastfeeding wasn't getting any easier. The lactation consultant from the hospital suggested that we might want to have a lactation consultant come out to the house to see us in action, and Carol was her top choice.

I was immediately comfortable with Carol; she was reassuring, affirming and patient. She corrected a few mechanical problems and explained things in a way that I could easily grasp (thought my sleep-deprived fog) and remember when we were feeding on our own.

Our results were nearly immediate.  Austin went from a 3 ounce weight gain in week 2 to a 17 ounce weight gain in week 3! 
baby Austin
Austin is now seven months old and Carol is still an important part of our breastfeeding experience. She has been my port in the storm and has been helpful on a range of issues from finding nursing pillows, bras and pumps to collaborating with my doctors to resolve medical issues. Carol has given us the gift of guidance without judgment; after providing the most current medical facts and research as well as sharing what has worked for other breastfeeding mothers, Carol helps us sort though the options to determine what is right for us.
Carol's unique sensitivity, knowledge, commitment and love made it possible for me to breastfeed Austin -- an experience I will treasure forever." - Nan

Carol our plan is working! Pumped 15 oz today for the first time in a long time. Great improvement in just a week! Thank you!

"I am still so grateful for the pump.

Despite continued help, my baby still has trouble with an effective transfer of milk from the breast and she does a large amount of chewing when nursing. So, I pump for feedings and give it to her in a bottle, and we nurse for comfort and cuddle time. It satisfies both of us at this point. I am lucky that I have a very good milk supply, and I am freezing 12-18oz per day. At this rate, I’m hoping that I can cut back the frequency of pumping at about her 6 month birthday and still have her exclusively on breast milk for the first year. She will be four months this week, and she has not had anything other than breast milk! If my situation could help any woman stay the course of providing breast milk to her baby, I’m all for it.. Thanks" - Hannah (from North Carolina)
Baby Ruthie
Here's a second note from Hannah - "Ruthie is 8 1/2 months now, and I've cut down my pumping to only 3 times per day, but I'm still producing 25-30 ounces, and I have about 1,500 ounces in the deep freezer, so I think it is time I saved myself a little bit of money by returning my Symphony and just finishing out with my Medela Pump-N-Style.  

I have so loved that Symphony that I think I have bonded with it — what  a superior piece of equipment."

"After a very disappointing hospital stay and experience, I was amazed when you latched Kieran after three minutes.

Thank you so much for helping me latch and breastfeed my little angel.

Without your help, I would still be believing what they told me at the hospital - that I would probably not be able to breastfeed.

Thank you so much!" - Tanya & Kieran
Baby Kieran

"I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me during my first few weeks with Owen.

You have really made a difference, and I could not have breastfed Owen successfully without you.

Your patience and kindness is a gift. I can only hope you share them with others for years to come.

Thanks again for everything!" - Susie (Owen's mom)
Baby Owen

"Going to Carol was my last resort after reading many books and seeing other lactation consultants.

I desperately wanted to nurse my son, but due to his difficulty in latching on properly and my low milk supply, it just was not working.

...I was impressed with the depth of knowledge that Carol shared with me during my consultations. Her encouragement and skill has enabled me to successfully nurse my baby. I would encourage anyone that is having difficulties with nursing to seek out her assistance.

Carol's expertise has allowed me to give a gift to my son that I will forever be grateful." - Tina
Baby Boy Photo

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

Since meeting with you, Isabella has been able to sleep 4 1/2 hours during the night and only wakes up for a 3 a.m, feeding and a 6 a.m. feeding!! I have been using the latch technique that you showed us and feeding her every 2 hours, even if I have to wake her up. She has been content and alert for a bit of the day as well.

I can't thank you enough for showing me the proper feeding technique!! I will truly share this with Chris and the other mothers from our Bradley group.

You are TRULY a miracle worker and it was worth every penny." - Selange and Isabella © Copyright 2018