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"When Anderson was born he had problems sucking. It took him several days to develop a good latch. We called Carol from the hospital (We wish we had called on her before Andy was even born!), and she was able to come to our house the day we came home! She spent a long time with us, and Andy latched on well. She was able to supply us with a great pump that day (I loved the Symphony), and was able to answer all of our questions. We are first time parents so we had a lot of insecurities about our son. It was just so nice to have Carol watch him through his cycles of eating, sleeping and awakeness, and confirm for us that he was doing well. Now Andy is sucking fine, and is in the 95th percentile for weight; I love being a Breastfeeding Mommy.;

Thank you Carol for all you have done to help our family!" - Rick, Sarah and Anderson
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"We can't thank you enough for all your help and guidance!

Madison is actually starting to nurse during the day once again, and I am sure it's due to the higher milk supply. She just gulps, gulps, gulps - it's so cute and she'll just look up at me with her sweet smile as if to say, "Wow, thanks Mom!"

So again, thank you so much.

Your expertise is so needed and we're so thankful to have it." - Steven, Lisa, and Maddie
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"After a slow start, little Elaine has been breastfeeding so well with little discomfort for me. Hurray!

I still use your Symphony pump to have a bottle available in the middle of the night. I also get a little stressed if there's no extra milk in the fridge--just in case! It's really a great pump. And, that hands free band was a lifesaver. It made pumping doable while I worked all this stuff through.
I am finally really proud of us and confident that I will continue breastfeeding for awhile. I truly appreciate all your help, and the many times you told me that I could do it.

You just looked so confident and passed a lot of hope my way." - Ann
baby Elaine

"Thanks to Carol who rescued me from the tears of the painful breastfeeding days. I was at my wits end when I was referred to Carol for some help. I was just about to give up on breastfeeding when I called Carol.

My daughter was having a difficult time latching on and at every feeding, I tearfully cringed at the pain. Carol came to the rescue…I was having my baby latch on at the wrong angle and my flow was too fast for my baby to handle. So Carol suggested to “kink the hose” to slow the flow of the milk (push in on the side of my breast) until my baby can handle the flow. She also observed my positioning and placed Emily in the correct position to latch on the breast.

Now Emily is just about 3 ½ months old and at the 97% on the growth chart! She loves her Mommy's milk!
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Thanks, Carol you were a lifesaver! Emily thanks you too!" - Carolyn

"Carol came to the rescue after I gave birth to a baby who had trouble latching on to the breast and a few days later was diagnosed as jaundice.

Carol succeeded in making my baby and me a great nursing team. Carol, with a sense of humor and compassion, immediately came to my home and offered tremendous practical advise. When we left the hospital my baby was at the bottom of the growth charts and now she is at the top. Carol has continued to support us with our breastfeeding issues including my dermatological issues and major spine surgery.

I cannot say enough good things about this outstanding lactation consultant. She is always there for me." - Jeanette
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