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Finger Feeding
"Thank You Carol for being so amazing!!! My daughter Layla did not latch on right away in the hospital and unfortunately, the lactation consultant there could not properly diagnose why exactly we were having a problem. After coming home, I tried and tried to nurse her, but she and I both ended up frustrated and I ended up in pain! I wanted to nurse so badly, it was really taking a toll on my emotions and I had spent several days crying over what felt like a failure to me. When my daughter was 8 days old, I felt like I was running out of time to get this right…….and then I stumbled upon Carol’s website. I called her and she got back to me the same day and told me that it wasn’t too late at all and that she would come help Layla and me the very next day!
Much to my surprise and delight, in only about 3 minutes of being in my home, Carol diagnosed Layla as having a disorganized suck, which was causing her to thrust her tongue. She taught my husband and I how to use a “finger feeder” to train Layla’s tongue to stay down on the bottom of her mouth. After only 3 days of using the finger feeder, Layla had the hang of it and was nursing with no problem!
Carol gave me hope when I thought I just wasn’t going to be able to do this and she made me feel like I was not alone in experiencing a problem of this nature. Not to mention, it is apparent that she truly cares about each and every baby and mom and that this isn’t just “business” for her. Working with her was wonderful and I look forward to being able to recommend her to new moms in the future.

Thanks again Carol, Layla and I will never forget you and the wonderful gift of nursing that you gave us!" - Amie

"Sam just had his 9 month appointment and I'm proud to say that he is well and happy!

We actually just finished up nursing within the last week. We were both ready. I was tired of pumping and Sam's two new teeth had become somewhat dangerous! So, I hold him close, feed him a bottle and play with him on what used to be our favorite nursing spots. He's doing fine.

I'm really proud that he was a partially breast fed baby for the first 9 months of his life. We have a closeness that I'm so sure came from our quiet breastfeeding sessions. I'm so glad that you helped us accomplish this terrific start in life!" - Cara
Sam 9 Months Old

"Thanks again, Carol, for recognizing the efforts of those who did everything they could to breastfeed their child and being met with an extreme situation that made it unable for them to do so. Speaking for myself, I believe these moms still know breastmilk is best, and hopefully those who had trouble breastfeeding their first child will try again with subsequent children. I know if these women feel support from other moms they will be more encouraged and more apt to try. 

It is important we do not judge or make these moms feel excommunicated or exiled from the breastfeeding community, especially without knowing their full story. If I am blessed with another child, I will try for the experience all over again, just as hard as I did the first time.
Baby Photo
Please continue to spread the word that there are women out there who have had to battle very difficult circumstances, beyond the "normal" healing from delivery. In my case, this was a surgery requiring 4 to 6 months of healing time (on strong antibiotics and painkillers) and having to go under anesthesia when my son was only 8-weeks old. Dealing with not being able to take care of my son during the first few weeks of recovery was heart-wrenching. I had wonderful family and friends that helped me get through and took exceptional care of Ethan; however, I never thought I would be in the position I was in when I thought of life after the birth of my son. Carol, you know how difficult it was to get Ethan to latch on and when he finally did, I found I had a serious and horrible infection running through my body. Talk about timing! Yet, understanding that serious illness or issues affect women at any time in their life and that we cannot plan these things is so important.
Your efforts should be recognized as you are pioneer-like in dealing with this situation. So thank you for trying to not divide women with these experiences into an unfair category, and not making us stereotypes. Thank you for giving awareness and sensitivity to us and for demanding the same respect for us as for all mothers who want the best for their children. Your efforts are important and greatly appreciated!!!" - Michelle and Ethan

"Sam is thriving, smiling and contented. He sleeps at night from bedtime at around 8:45 - 9:00pm all the way to 6:00 am ish. It's amazing and he's been doing that on most nights since around 11 weeks. We have a great bedtime routine and he rarely fusses after his bath, a little play on the diaper table, then nursing, then bed. He's been a joy!

I'm back at work and pumping twice a day for him. It's a good time-out from my day, and I get to keep my supply up. I love to feed him in the morning lying in bed and then after work either at the day care or at home. We still have such good quality time.

I am so grateful for your efforts in getting us to this point. I can't imagine NOT breastfeeding him now! I love the convenience and the closeness. It has been worth all the hard work.
Sam and Buddy
The best part of my day is when he nuzzles me when I pick him up at daycare." - Cara, Mike and Sam

"My son Cameron was born at 36 weeks following many weeks of fighting off preterm labor. My first son was born at 31.5 weeks and because I had not help I quit breastfeeding him (I had low milk supply from all the pumping and no baby on the breast). So, I was bound and determined to breastfeed this baby. Baby Photo
Cameron ended up in the hospital for a week and a half with severe jaundice (they think it was breast milk jaundice). So, I had the help of the lactation people there. However, I was still in a ton of pain, he was sleepy and not eating well and I was on the verge of quitting again.

Then came Carol to the rescue! 
When Cameron finally came home, Carol came to visit. She was so flexible with her schedule and made sure she was there at a time when he was most hungry. I appreciated her calm reassuring words and her research based comments. I also appreciated her "hands off" approach. Unlike the other lactation consultants that I had experiences with, she did not try to shove Cameron on the breast as if passing off a football, nor did she try to shove my nipple and entire areola in his mouth either. 
Before long the pain was slowly subsiding and Cameron was eating better and better and I was becoming more comfortable with what I learned to be a LEARNED feeding technique....It has been such a rewarding experience, and I have recommended Carol to everyone I know with a baby!  I couldn't have done it without her!" - Katy © Copyright 2018