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Mother Testimonials
Hi Dr. Carol,
We are so thankful we had the opportunity to work alongside Carol in learning how to properly breastfeed our son! She made it very simple and easy to understand. There is a lot of learning that comes with a newborn and having her as our trusted consultant during the first few weeks/months, allowed us to rest comfortably in the area of feeding our baby. One less thing to think about!! She is kind-spirited, intelligent and incredibly accessible. Thanks Carol for your help! Chris & Simona

Hi Dr. Carol,
Thank you so much for how you helped Carl and I last Saturday! We have seen so much improvement since our appointment. Breast feeding continues to improve as we practice the techniques you taught us each day. I have a much better sense of when he is finished and he is consistently satisfied after his feedings. Carl has responded so well to the new way of feeding him the bottle too - letting him suck 2 to 3 times and then taking the bottle out of his mouth for 4 to 5 seconds - not just letting him suck the whole thing down. Per your instruction we have cut back on the amount of milk we feed him when he does get the bottle and he is definitely fuller on less milk with the bottle pacing. We have also noticed that he spits up way less and burps better now. We are very grateful for all of your knowledge and help. Thank you! Lauren

Hi Carol!
I don’t know if you remember me,this is Michelle, mother of Cullen. We had a really hard time breastfeeding about 3.5 years ago. You worked with me often to get him to latch and I had low supply as well. Just wanted you to know I just had my second baby and we are breastfeeding really well since day 1! I learned so much from you and all our sessions together. You made me understand the process of breastfeeding well and gave me hope that the next time could be totally different; and it is! Just wanted to say Thank you for all you taught me and for giving me the optimism that I needed with this baby :)

I wanted to thank you for all of your help with nursing Gabriella. We learned so much and felt very comfortable and supported in your care. We’re doing great as a new family, and Gabriella loves to eat and is packing on the ounces. You are amazing! Thank you very much again, Tiffany

Her birthday is tomorrow, while I did have to supplement we made it a year of nursing together! Thanks again Carol!

I hope you are doing very well! It has been a while since we’ve seen you, but I wanted to Thank You! My daughter and I came to see you the week she was born to learn more about how to Breastfeed and pump. It was a rough start and a month or two. But I’ve reached her goal nine months later and plan to continue to the one year mark. Thank you for all of your help and guidance. Nursing was really important to me and I didn’t know if I’d be able to reach my goal. Well here we are and I am so glad! I am so happy to have met you and gain knowledge, encouragement, and even passion for breastfeeding through you! Thank you so much, Samantha and Olivia

Thank you very much. I was pumping with my Spectra last night and got half as much as I was getting with Symphony.

Hi Carol,
Just wanted to say thanks for all you are doing for myself, baby Nora, and all the other moms and babies! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to work with you! You're so good at what you do! Thank you for being so research based, knowledgable, kind, supportive, encouraging, and enthusiastic. Thank you for all of your expertise, positive attitude, listening, and ability to problem solve. Happy Mothers Day to you! Thanks for helping all of the mommies out there! Hope you have a great weekend!

I first met Carol in the Breastfeeding portion of my Bradley Method classes. During the class I found out to my delight that she was associated with GBC whom I was to have my home birth with. It truly was a blessing to have gotten her card that day which stayed in my husband’s wallet.
I then in March had a 42.5 hour labor which resulted in the beautiful water birth of my daughter. When I went to breastfeed for the first time I felt lost due to exhaustion and overwhelming hormones. I believed that breastfeeding would be so easy but reality for me was different. I had larger breasts which made me nervous in breastfeeding. Within 20 hours of her birth I was calling Carol to get help. Carol showed up only a few hours later to assess what was a poor latch resulting in soreness. She quickly remedied our latching issues and proceeded to provide me with the Medela Symphony pump to ensure a proper milk supply since my daughter favored one breast over the other. She came back a few days later to check and see how we were progressing and my milk supply had come in so well and my little girl was getting a great supply of milk. I returned the pump to Carol after only a month but in hind sight that was not in the best of interest for my breastfeeding success.
I have continued to work with Carol ever since then to trouble shoot breastfeeding for my daughter who is now 16 months old. Upon my first day at work, at 7 weeks postpartum, when I came home my daughter did not want to nurse when I returned. I called Carol who guided us in how to solve the issue. When my daughter was 8 months old she helped to adjust the latch again to help with soreness. I also got the Medela Symphony pump again since my supply was decreasing from the use of a personal pump when I needed a clinical grade pump. I love this pump so much and will rent it immediately for all future births. She has helped to evaluate breast shield sizes since your nipples can change later. When my daughter was teething and refusing the bottle at 10 months Carol was there again for reassurance and guidance. Again at 11 months I counseled with Carol about my pumping schedule and output to which I found out I was over pumping. Then when I was changing jobs she helped for me to establish a good schedule for my new routine which was around 14 months of age.
All in all this is just 6 instances where Carol was the key to my continued and successful breastfeeding. I recommend Carol to all of my friends and now as a Doula to my clients. Carol is the best in the area. Whether it is a latch issue or breastfeeding for a premature baby Carol has the solution. The key thing is to listen to what she says and trust her guidance. You will get the most out of her this way. Also get the Medela Symphony pump since there is no other pump on the market that has the patent to be able to stimulate your breasts like your baby can.

Carol, our plan is working! Pumped 15 oz today for the first time in a long time. Great improvement in just a week! Thank you!

Bridgett and Kenley

Hi, Carol!
This is Bridgette and my daughter Kenley.
Just wanted to thank you for helping me reach my goal!
1 year exclusively breastfeeding, and I still have frozen milk! :) I never needed to supplement!
This little body is 100% all mommy's milk!
So, thank you sooo much for all your help and advice! I can't thank you enough!!

Thank you,
Bridgette and Kenley

Baby Isaac

Dear Carol,
Not sure if you remember me or not, but I wanted to reach out to you to say thanks. I met with you 3 times in September of last year, after the lactation nurses from Rush put me in touch with you. My son, Isaac, had a disorganized suck which you were able to diagnose, and then teach me how to train with a pacifier and finger feed. Isaac was born with no ability to nurse, and for the first month of his life he drank expressed milk in bottles until we found you. I was so determined to find a way to nurse my child, and I am so glad that my journey led me to you. Without your expertise I would not have succeeded in being able to nurse him.

Isaac and I both suffered birth trauma- 45 hrs in back labor, passed meconium, neck bone dislodged, extensive tearing, and a hemorrhage after delivering the placenta. It was actually quite traumatic, and in the months following I have sought treatment for PTSD. After meeting in group and individual therapy I have also been able to recognize that the 7 week journey to try and find a diagnosis and solution for my son to nurse was a secondary trauma.

My little Isaac turned 1 last week, and a week before his birthday I held a ceremony of gratitude and release. I gathered with four friends who were most supportive to me during that time, along with my husband and my pastor. I had the opportunity to let go of the negative memories of the birth and postpartum period by naming them, and then throwing the slip of paper that contained that memory into a bonfire. Afterwards we lit 11 candles in honor of those who made a significant and transformative difference in my journey. I want you to know that one of those 11 candles was in honor of you. You gave us the tools and knowledge to correct his problem, and that was the biggest thing to set me on the path to "normal" again after a very difficult postpartum period.

Isaac is growing and eating like a champ- both solid foods and breastfeeding! We only nurse about 3 times a day now, and I imagine he will self-wean in the next several months, but it is a valued time together. I am so thankful for how everything turned out.

Thank you so much for everything you have done.

I will never forget you!


Maggiemother breastfeeding maggiemother breastfeeding
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I can't thank you enough for the impact you've had on my breastfeeding journey. As a third time mom, I knew the importance of having solid lactation support in place early. You've always been responsive by email, phone, and text, and I've been so fortunate that you've also been able to visit me in my home. Before my daughter was born, you took time to learn about me, my past challenges and successes, and what was important to me so that we could come up with a plan together. Even when I doubted myself, you had ideas for how I could succeed, and how I could have an alternate plan or contact you if needed.

After my daughter arrived, you helped to address latch and positioning issues through a visit soon thereafter, and continued to give me guidance as I reached out between appointments. I appreciate your sense of humor to try to get my to relax (which is so important), and also that you'll be honest with me if i need to make a change in the best interest of my child.

You have done a great job of providing enough information without too much, being hands on while letting me establish my own confidence - thank you. Baby girl an I did have some bumps in the road early on due to poor latch and her inefficient nursing, but by working with you and sticking to it, she is continuing along her growth curve and at 5 weeks post partum I've also managed to get a freezer stash going that will help us for any future supply dips.

Thank you for your professionalism, responsiveness, and personalized service!


I connected with Carol while pregnant with my second son, Yuji. I had not been able to breastfeed my first son and wanted to try again. I didn’t have enough support with my first son and after several weeks of pumping, medications and supplements, I gave up and felt defeated. I learned through that process that I had several health challenges which affected my ability to breastfeed. The biggest is PCOS.

I attended Carol’s breastfeeding class and we started on a strategy right then. Carol’s knowledge and encouragement made me feel I had a fighting chance to be able to breastfeed my second child. She made sure I had a hospital grade pump before I gave birth and instructed me how and when to use it to get my supply going.

Yuji latched pretty well in the beginning. I was also pumping 7-8 times per day. Carol came to our apartment several times and was always reachable by email. She helped me tweak our approach almost daily.

After a few weeks, it was clear my supply wasn’t going to be enough to feed our hungry baby. I was discouraged, but Carol helped me see that even the little “drops of gold” were beneficial. I continued to pump for the rest of my maternity leave and giving anything I could to my baby, while supplementing with formula. She also followed my lead and let me decide when to stop pumping.

Yuji is being bottle fed now, but we've been still comfort breastfeeding about 1-2 times a day. He's almost 3 months old. I'm certain any breast milk is just drops, but he seems to enjoy it and it calms him. Even though this isn't his main source of nutrition, I am grateful he's getting these "drops of gold." While I was not able to breastfeed Yuji exclusively, I felt that I/we did the best we could and did not feel defeated like I had with my first son.

I appreciated Carol’s support and encouragement - I don't think I would have even tried this without Carol.

Breastfeeding my daughter was very important to me as I breast fed her older brother until he weaned at 16 months old.
Unfortunately we had some set backs. Stella was put in the NICU for hypoglycemia for four days. She couldn’t latch or transfer milk due to a severe posterior tongue tie. Even after revising her tongue tie with a laser, Stella only transferred 1/2 an ounce of milk at the breast. I was pumping 40-50 ounces a day so I knew my supply was not a problem.

Finally, after meeting with Carol and following her plan, after only one week Stella went from transferring 1/2 an ounce of milk at the breast to transferring a full feeding of 3 ounces. I was very happy to discontinue pumping and start feeding exclusively at the breast.Stella’s now three months old and is such a joy.

I’m very happy to be able to nurse her and even her older brother knows what comforts his sister, as when she cries he tells me, “Mama, Stella needs booby milk.” I so happy I stuck with pumping for three weeks so now I can breastfeed and all thanks to Carol’s help.
Thank you,

Avery Finger Feeding
I was referred to Carol from a friend who told me that "Carol saved my life, call her!"

Before you give up breastfeeding, you must call Carol! I was skeptical, as I had worked with other people who told me "everything looks fine with her latch, I'm not sure why you're in pain..." But after 6 weeks, I knew things were not "fine" when I was still in pain. When I worked with Carol, she knew right away why my nipples were creased and what I could do to fix it. I had googled everything, trying to figure out why my nipples were creased and what I could do about it.

I really feel like Carol's knowledge was outstanding, and considering it's a common problem for some people, I was so relieved that she could tell me how I could fix it
As a speech pathologist, it made sense, because we were fixing her muscle coordination. I was relieved to hear that Avery had a "disorganized suck" and there was something I could do to fix it! I was using a finger feeding method to teach Avery how to "U-shape" her tongue rather than flatten it. Carol was so patient with me as I was impatient with wanting her to improve more quickly than she was. Carol helped me via email and phone as well, and continued to work with me and support me.
I honestly wouldn't be breastfeeding right now if it wasn't for Carol's help. I considered giving up about 3 times or more, and am finally, at 11 weeks, feeling like Avery has made significant progress and we are finally breastfeeding comfortably and happily! Carol also helped me create a plan for returning to work and pumping. Today is my first day back and I'm really proud of myself for still breastfeeding Avery, and very, very thankful to Carol for helping my success!! - Kim

Joey 3 weeks

A few days after my daughter Josephine was born, her pediatrician recommended I see a Lactation Consultant. I confess, I was apprehensive about receiving even more information at that point. I had already taken a breastfeeding class during my pregnancy, and received an abundance of advice, suggestions & assistance while I was at the hospital. Despite my preparations, breastfeeding was still not going smoothly.

As a first-time mother, I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused by the often conflicting information available. The "natural" act of nursing my daughter became frustrating for both of us, and I assumed this was just how it was going to be. One of the first things Carol helped me understand is the difference between hospital-grade pumps and the one I bought myself during my pregnancy.
Meeting with Carol is more of a conversation than a lecture, and her knowledge is extensive without being intimidating. In addition to diagnosing and correcting my daughter’s issues on the breast, Carol also taught me how to pump and build my milk supply. After thinking I had low supply issues, I am proud to be back at work 8 weeks post-partum, pumping enough milk for my daughter while I’m away, and breastfeeding her when I’m home.
Working with Carol changed my early attempts at nursing into a positive, productive bonding experience. She developed a common-sense feeding plan that allowed my husband to participate, and updated it regularly as my daughter and I learned to work together. Carol’s patience, sense of humor, and practical guidance made all the difference, and I recommend her to anyone committed to a breastfed baby! - Jeanne, Josephine’s Mom

Triplet babies
Before appointment:
I gave birth 10 weeks ago to a 6 week premature son due to HELLP syndrome. Since he was in the NICU for two weeks, he was not able to nurse. I did pump at that time and I am continuing to pump and supplement with preemie formula. When Matthew was discharged from the hospital we attempted to nurse, but he had a weak suck and usually fell asleep quickly. I would love to be able to nurse him, but I don't know if it's too late. - Ellen
After appointment:
Thank you for meeting with us last week. I'm happy to report that Matt has latched well all week. The middle of the night feedings are so much better now and I don't miss constantly washing bottles. Matt is spitting up less and sleeping better too. Thank you for your time and understanding.
Before we met I really thought it was too late to breastfeed and I would be married to the pump forever - Ellen

Wanted to thank you again for helping me get Dylan to nurse. He is doing really well now. Last time we weighed him he was already 10 pounds, so he is a little chunk now. He is nursing 95% of the time good (not the widest latch - but sufficient). I'm so glad you cleared up the misconception of nipple confusion, because he can also take a bottle which is great for when I want to go out. Also thanks for writing that letter for our insurance. You are great!
A few weeks later......
Basically my pump just doesn't get my milk out. It takes me FOREVER to get a couple ounces. I don't know if my supply is dwindling or it's just a really crummy pump. Thank you for dropping the pump off. I got 4 ounces per side in no time. It would have taken me FOREVER with my other pump. - Dylan's mom

Kara's baby
I just wanted to thank you again for all the help you've been!!!!

I can't picture myself ever stopping breast feeding!'s just too sweet, healthy, and immune boosting!
I want another baby in the near future and I'll need to give it up so that the baby and I get enough nutrients (per drs orders given my preterm history) but until then I just can't seem to stop! I love that its so good for Maddox!
How does anyone know when to stop! I'd feel so bad! :( It's just too perfect. :) I love that God allowed us to feed our babies with our bodies. Just too cool. - Kara © Copyright 2018