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Medela Symphony® Breastpump
Medela Symphony Breastpump
Closer to Nature Than Ever, is now available for rental purposes at Breast 'N Baby Lactation Services, Inc.!
As the first and only breastpump to simulate a baby’s two-phase feeding process, Symphony provides natural, comfortable and efficient pumping.

It includes a Pumping Program with options for both automatic and manual switching between pumping phases, based on moms’ needs.
For moms’ convenience, one knob combines vacuum level and the number of cycles per minute in the expression phase. Moms can switch between single and double pumping simply by adding or removing the second Pump Collection Set.
The specially designed membrane separates Pump Collection Set from pump mechanism, ensuring unmatched overflow protection without compromising vacuum capacity.
Whisper-quiet; the world’s quietest symphony you are happy not to hear….great for returning to work and pumping in your office setting! No more pump sounds to feel embarrassed about others in the office hearing. In fact, you'll have to put up a sign that you're indeed pumping or it could really get embarrassing when someone walks in on you pumping!
Two-Phase Feeding in Babies
Research has shown that a baby’s feeding is not a single continuous action, but rather a two-phase process in which the baby will initially suckle rapidly to stimulate the mother’s milk ejection reflex (MER), and induce milk “let-down”. This phase is referred to as “stimulation”.

Once the breast has been sufficiently stimulated, milk begins flowing and the baby settles into a slower, more relaxed sucking speed for the actual feeding phase. This phase is called “expression.”
Two-Phase Pumping Program
The Symphony Breastpump produces such fantastic results and comfort because it utilizes a program that closely simulates this natural two-phase feeding pattern. The Two-Phase Pumping Program consists of a Stimulation/Let-Down Phase and an Expression Phase — just like real breastfeeding. The following list illustrates the many benefits of this new pump:
Stimulation/Let-Down Phase Expression Phase
  • Rapid milk ejection reflex
  • Research-proven fixed cycles per minute
  • Individually adjustable vacuum for comfort
  • Comfort Flow Zone™ for maximum comfort and efficiency—gentle to the breast tissue.
  • Adjustable preset combination of vacuum and cycles per minute.
  • Supports milk production

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