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Medela Symphony Breastpump
Symphony Double Pumping Kit

Symphony® Double Pumping Kit

A comfortable and convenient personal accessory kit for the Medela Symphony Breastpump. Includes everything mom needs to double or single pump with the Symphony hospital-grade breastpump.

Mothers who are able to double pump will reap the benefits of time saved during pumping, as well as maintain lactation during separations from baby. Double pumping also may increase prolactin, the milk-producing hormone.

Symphony® Double Pumping Kit: $60.00 plus tax

Carol says: "During my consultations or pump rentals/purchases I assess women for proper Breastshields size with the use of their breastpumps.

Often times the reason for nipple tenderness is that the Breastshields that comes in the pump kit or the purchased pump is not large enough once your milk has come in and your breasts and nipples have changed shape and size accordingly.
Medela Breashshield
This usually happens after you have gone home from the hospital after having your baby, but even when you start pumping, a qualified lactation consultant should observe a pumping for at least 2 minutes and then assess for proper fit of your Breastshields.
I will assist you with properly fitting you for the right size Breastshields so that your soreness heals and also so that you do not compromise your milk supply. If the Breastshields is too small or tight, the areola is not stimulated and your milk supply can be lower than with the proper stimulation of either your baby or a larger flange.
If you choose to try to test yourself for whether you have the proper sized Breastshields with your pump, I'd recommend you use your pump on a comfortable pressure setting (rarely on maximum pressure) for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, look at your nipples within your current Breastshields. They should be elongating with each pump cycle and releasing without touching the sides of the Breastshields. If your nipples are feeling chafed or not elongating well, your Breastshields may be too small for optimal milk production.
Call me at 630-292-4528 to either order your proper sized Breastshields or to have me assist you with determining whether you have the correct fit. I provide larger Breastshields at consultations on an average of probably 50-75% of the time."
Medela Personal Fit Flanges - 27 mm, 30mm, 36mm - $15.00/pr

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