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Maria's Triplets
"This morning marked an important milestone in our lives. We cannot believe that our triplet girls are 5 months old already! More importantly, we are thrilled and proud to say that Maria is still successfully breastfeeding them! Triplet babies
Shortly before the babies were born, I decided to contact Carol Chamblin to consult me on how in the world I was to manage breastfeeding THREE babies.
My decision to meet Carol was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have made for our family.

Particularly smart, was talking to Carol BEFORE the babies were born.
I can say that having Carol Chamblin as a part "Team Babies" was crucial to our success.
When I had my son, Philip, 4 years earlier, I didn't even think to have a lactation consultant. The idea of having a lactation consultant seem, to me, to be somewhat of an extra - like registering for a bottle warmer instead of making do with water from the tap and a tuperware container.
Carol is the best! She is the most knowledgeable person you want on your team. I felt that it was really important to have talked to her before the babies were born for several reasons.
  1. Carol provided a great, quick refresher course to breastfeeding.
  2. She was (and is) a great "what to expect" coach on any lactation issue.
  3. She had a great connection with several area hospitals. We were amazed that she would even be willing to alert our hospital's lactation consultants of us and our expectations.
Throughout our experiences with the babies so far, Carol has been a hand-in-hand partner. We really don't feel like we could have had such a stress-free start to breastfeeding triplets without her. Even now, as the girls continue to grow and thrive, we call on Carol for our questions. We always hear back from her quickly with answers and her honest support and understanding of our specific situation.
In short, if you are even remotely thinking about breastfeeding use a lactation consultant. Better yet ... call Carol!" © Copyright 2018