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Lactation Services
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Lactation services are conducted by an individual who is an experienced Doctor of Nursing Practice, Registered Nurse, Advanced Practice Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).
An IBCLC is a health care professional who specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding.
Consults are conducted to assess for proper latch-on technique, assist with difficulties, develop a plan of care to resolve issues, and follow-up as needed.
Carol's clinical expertise can make a difference in your breastfeeding experience. "It's usually unnecessary to suffer sore nipples without relief or to be required to pump until your nipples heal" says Carol.
And, "most of the time babies given bottles to provide more milk after breastfeeding are not going to fix the problem with breastfeeding".
"Therefore, if you are giving bottles in addition to breastfeeding, I'd suggest you make an appointment for a consult so that we can get you back to breastfeeding. I've had lots of moms shift their situations back to breastfeeding. But, often times just offering the breast more often isn't going to resolve the problems." © Copyright 2018