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Jeannette's Twins
Thanks to Carol I got through the roughest months of my life and am now happy to say I’m exclusively breastfeeding twins at 11 months and counting! Jeanette's Twins
Of course we started with supplementing with formula, but let me back up to my first baby that preceded the twins. I didn’t know about Carol at the time (but I sure wish I did!) because we had latch issues and I gave up trying to breastfeed and became an exclusive pumper for baby #1 for 10months. I knew with twins and a toddler exclusively pumping wasn’t an option this time so luckily a friend told me about Carol. My friend had great success with Carol’s advice so I met with Carol during my pregnancy to discuss how to get off on the right foot.
I wish I had studied my notes better because being in the state I was at the hospital and under the guidance of the lactation consultants at the hospital things didn’t go well. I had sore nipples and C-section complications so I had to give up pumping and breastfeeding to just do hand expressions while I cried as my husband fed the twins formula
Luckily I texted Carol and left the hospital a day early to get home to get Carol’s help! She got us on the right track but it was still a long process of getting my supply up and getting the babies to latch. Carol guided me through how to breastfeed each one individually toward the goal of tandem nursing. One of the twins had much more difficulty than the other and luckily Carol kept coming out and giving me the tips I needed to push this twin along. She had tips for bottle feeding, pumping, latching, holding babies, knowing when they were done with nutritive sucks, and how to deal with going back to work at 6 months for a week and full time at 8 months.
My mom stayed with me in the early months and she too looked forward to Carol’s visits because we both always learned something new! Carol always listened and understood what I was going through and helped with every question I had. She was always able to be there when needed and quick to respond with a text, call, or appointment as needed! Of course she is also great with babies which comes in handy when you have twins. I always felt so comfortable with all interactions with Carol. She is so great! My toddler loved seeing Carol at our house too! I always tell new moms and expectant moms about Carol! My twins and I are so blessed to have had Carol’s help. We are all enjoying the breastfeeding experience and all the mommy & baby benefits that come with it! - Jeannette © Copyright 2018